What Are We All Wining About?

Something which seems to come up regularly in conversation among my girl friends nowadays is the idea that in order to follow a ‘healthy’ diet you need to eliminate alcohol.

My Instagram feed is flooded with girls sipping kombucha and mocktails at events, and I’m sitting here thinking, ‘That’s crazy right?’ or wondering whether maybe I’m the crazy one?

The part I find puzzling though, is not the alcohol consumption, each to their own – it’s that these very same people are the ones promoting a balanced diet, but are making people feel guilty for enjoying a drink out on occasion.

Last time I checked enjoying a wine every now and again was doing more good than bad for your health and overall wellbeing.

Don’t believe me? Take it from the experts.

A study from scientific researchers at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, found the contributing component of red wine believed to be resveratrol, is an antioxidant which works by suppressing molecules which cause inflammation as well as compounds in the blood which interfere with the production of insulin, and could contribute to a longer life.

If that’s not enough reason to have a glass of red with friends at your next dinner party, the Craftsman Organic wine range will be.

This range of vegan, organic wine uses only natural production processes to be kind to the environment and ecologically sustainable.

As someone who is extremely conscious of the harmful pesticides and herbicides sprayed on crops in the production process, I’m acutely aware of what I’m consuming everyday – so was beyond happy to find a wine I could enjoy without having to worry.

I’ve taken both the Craftsman Organic Chardonnay and Shiraz to separate dinner parties, and had friends gush to me about how incredible both are – before I even shared they were organic and pesticide free.

So no matter if you were scrolling your Instagram feed tonight with a wine in hand, feeling guilty for how much you’re enjoying it, feeling crappy about how your feed is filled with models drinking non-alcoholic kombuchas or already on board the wine ban train – I hope this post helped you see balance is in fact about balance.

It’s time to wine down with the idea that we should feel guilty about doing something which makes us happy – there’s more to life than obsessing over the food and drink which we consume.


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