Broccoli Revolution

If you’re on the hunt Bangkok’s best buddha bowl, Thai fusion breakfast or a smoothie bowl that’s vegan and low FODMAP, Broccoli Revolution should definitely be on the agenda.


With two locations in Bangkok, you’re guaranteed to be close to one. We were having serious buddha bowl cravings after a half day tour of the Floating Market and despite it being 3.30 in the afternoon were determined to make it to one of the stores for a bowl.

We went to the café on the sixth floor of the Central Embassy Shopping Centre, which is right next to Chit Lom train station, and super easy to get to. Be advised, Bangkok shopping centres are extremely large and very confusing – Central Embassy is one of two shopping malls which are connected, so if you go to that café make sure you enter the right building.

Upon entering the sixth floor we wandered through a book shop to find a modern café in the centre, with a large wooden wall covered in hanging pot plants. Broccoli Revolution is an order at the counter style brunch joint – but that’s ok because you get to see all the raw vegan desserts on display when you order.

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The menu is uber healthy, innovative and experimentative. Everything is vegan based, organic and with influences from Italy, South America, Myanmar, Vietnam and of course Thailand. The savoury menu features things like a broccoli charcoal quinoa burger, vegan Isan platter, kiew wan quinoa bowl, cauliflower low carb rice and power bowls, as well as Thai favourites with a twist like a quinoa tom yum bowl and organic tom kha hed.

The sweet section is just as extensive – with everything from gluten free soy milk pancakes to seasonal fruit platters and five different vegan smoothies that can be made into bowls as well. They’ve got acai, choco banana, green (avocado, kale and banana), mango and even mojito.

We went for the green power bowl, which was chocked full of quinoa, avocado, broccoli (of course), cucumber, lettuce, walnuts, asparagus and pesto brown rice. While at first I was sceptical of a bowl of seemingly mismatching flavours, it turned out to be the ideal combination of  fresh Thai flavours, hearty veggies and crunch.


This is another westernised brunch spot that’s a bit pricier than most Bangkok cafes – but a definite go-to if around $9-$14 is in your budget. Broccoli Revolution was a quirky brunch unlike we’d ever seen before and easily the most dietary requirement friendly place we visited in Bangkok.

Location: 899 Sukhumvit Road, Klong-Nua, Vaddhana or Central Embassy.

This article is part of my food safari series around Thailand and Vietnam – for other restaurant and cafe suggestions in Bangkok check out A Foodies Guide to Bangkok.

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