The Melbourne Look gets a new look

Hi there,

I’m Chloe – a 22-year-old Melbourne soon to be journalism graduate and self-proclaimed health foodie. Some of you may already know me as a fashion blogger, others who follow me on Instagram may have already noticed my recent shift into the foodie category. I’m basically writing this post to introduce you to the new concept behind my blog The Melbourne Look.

While over the past three years I have focused my writing on Australia’s fashion industry, I have decided to dive into the diverse world of health food and lifestyle blogging. Now, first thing’s first – I’m 100 per cent not in any way claiming to be a nutritionist or dietitian – this blog is purely an expression of my new-found passion for healthy and nutritious food.

What’s going to be different about my blog compared to every other food and lifestyle blog? Quite simply – I’ve lived through it.

In July 2016, following a crazy Euro-trip, I was diagnosed with IBS. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an annoying gut syndrome that leaves you feeling pretty average when eating certain foods (I’ve written an article explaining it here). After visiting a dietitian she basically told me if I wanted to feel good again I’d have to go on a low FODMAP diet, and eliminate certain foods to figure out what I was intolerant to.

While this diet tested my self-control, tormented and tortured me (I couldn’t eat some of my favourite things; avo, sweet potato, bread and cheese for a long time), I came out of the elimination phase feeling better than ever.

However, I struggled for a long time to find recipes and foods which were not only low FODMAP but were nutritious, tasted good and satisfied my cravings. One day I gave up hunting and decided to just create my own low FODMAP alternatives to recipes I loved. I began posting photos of these on my Instagram and realised there was a whole community of people out there who were facing the same issues and needed inspiration.

Which brings me back to my blog. Here I will post healthy, intolerance friendly recipes I’ve created (with the help of my best friend who’s a dietitian), profile Melbourne foodie events, restaurants and cafes that cater for intolerances, and write articles in the aim of helping foodies out there with information and inspiration.

Over the next six weeks I will be eating my way through Thailand and Vietnam with my best friend – posting foodie guides to each city we visit and finding inspiration for recipes for The Melbourne Look. I can’t wait to share this adventure with you.

Chloe x



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